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Today, in this article, we are going to share information about PTCL service, and that is the PTCL duplicate Bill (Dbill). I am sure that most of you would confront issues while installment of bills or other matters, isn’t that right?

Now. You wouldn’t need to stress over a matter with the PTCL bill as we brought you “PTCL Bill service.” Firstly, let’s have an overview of Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL).

Overview of PTCL:

Pakistan telecommunication is a leading company that offers services like telecom and ICT in Pakistan. It provides various services like dial-up, broadband internet, telephone, and TV services.

It is the high-speed landline or broadband internet provider in Pakistan with cost-effective rates to advance their people and to provide value to shareholders.

PTCL serves both commercial and domestic customers, and its shares are apprehended by the Government of Pakistan.

PTCL is the most used telephonic and internet system, which makes it monopolistic, as it is month to month based subscription. However, there are 2 million subscribers in the country, and people have to pay the bill of PTCL every month.

In this modern technological period, PTCL has to face colossal market competition. They are struggling their best to contend with the PTCL. However, it is hard to propel the clients who are utilizing DSL as compared with new clients.

PTCL is the only monopolist in landline, and there is no competitor of PTCL in this field. But maybe a contestant will be available in the upcoming future.

So, PTCL making its quality and services better day by day to stay in the game.

For this, PTCL has made billing easy for its customers, and now people can check bills online and can submit through duplicate bill copy just by tapping on print bill option.

Because your bill might be misplaced by chance or you may face some delays in submitting the statement on the due date, and you have to pay extra charges, unfortunately. 

Let’s identify what the duplicate bill is?

PTCL duplicate bill (Dbill):

Ptcl customers can now avail of the facilities by PTCL by getting the duplicate bill of your required product, such as landline bill and Evo bill. 

When we talk about this busy life routine, most people have not that much time to visit the franchises to fix their problems, and sometimes people do not receive bills on the due date, and they have to pay the extra charges.


Your bill might be misplaced by chance, or you may face some delays in submitting the statement.

So, to resolve this issue of the general public, Ptcl has introduced duplicate billing payment options to escape penalties and save time because they value their customers. 

It enables its customers to get a duplicate bill printed and pay that bill by ease.

The organization is continuously giving their best to customers’ improved organizations better helpline, and electronic E-Billing System. 

PTCL helpline and complaint framework is the best framework in Pakistan, not just at work at with their organization’s broadband or Telephone line, in any case, they are furthermore striving to serve their customers by giving them the best online organizations. 

ptcl duplicate bill
                    PTCL Duplicate Bill

Now, the question may irritate you that how you can get access to that duplicate bill?

For this, PTCL has two methods to get the duplicate bill, and these are explained below:

1. Duplicate Bill Through ID: 

If, in any case, you do not get your bill at home, then you can go to the customer service center and ask them for a duplicate statement, or you can also use your previous paid bills to find your ID, which helps in to get a duplicate bill.

This ID lets you get the duplicate bills to copy in just a few minutes.

2. Online e-payment:

PTCL is the most significant broadband company which respect and treat their customers with dignity and responsibility. To maintain their secure and enabling environment, they facilitate you in always an ethical manner.

To get a duplicate bill, you can also avail of its e-payment facility by creating an online e-payment ID, which requires some details like ID, email, and phone number. Moreover, you can find it on the link’ e-payments”.


You can check the PTCL homepage website, which has links to provide online ptcl bill services.

On this page, you will find the PTCL duplicate bill heading, and there is an option for landline and evobill. Click on your desired option.

Enter name, email, and phone number by adding details, and then you may get redirected to the dbill platform.

24/7 Helpline:

The service is available 24, day in and day out. It is to regulate any of your coordination related issues. 

You can similarly do PTCL Live Chat to get rapid help from their operators on the web. 

PTCL Live Chat Service is available from 9 am to 9 pm in specific.

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In the end, the Ptcl duplicate bill permits you to print invoices in pdf format. It was introduced to overcome the issues regarding the billing process. However, it is suggested to have Acrobat Reader to view your bill. 

Ptcl is the one to provide the best quality in ICT; it is achieving and exceeding enormous customer satisfaction, ptcl is complying with all the legal and other applicable requirements. 

Ptcl is providing a favorable, secured, and decent environment. PTCL is making sure the best excellence of products and services.

Here is a finished answer for the charge installment. Presently in this article, you don’t have to worry about it.

PTCL has an answer to this issue, and this organization is incredibly significant for the customer.

Since you can check your bill at whatever point and wherever. Not directly, PTCL Bill, you can likewise watch the complete history of your Bill Payment which you have paid in earlier days, 

So, this option is existing on your fingers tips open your web explorer and enter URL in your web program to open PTCL Duplicate Bill. 


This content is written only to provide general information about PTCL services. For customers, to understand the function and can use by ease. There is not any purpose of violating any policy. Keep browsing. Thank you