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IESCO duplicate bill, Today, we will discuss the pleasing news related to the billing system of IESCO. IESCO is an Islamabad Electric Supply Company, and its name shows that it is supplying electricity to the whole region comes under Islamabad territory.

In this article, we will try to cover some of the information about IESCO for our people so that it will be easy for them to find almost everything under one site.

What is an IESCO?

As mentioned earlier, IESCO is an electric supply company working in Islamabad. It was established in 1998. According to the report, it has 78 Gird stations, and it is serving 2.8 million customers regularly.

IESCO is working its best to satisfy the electricity needs of Islamabad people. You can visit IESCO official website by simply typing, here you will find all you want to know about. 

However, sometimes people lost their bills and may face some problems by submitting bills on time. To solve the issue of delaying bill payments, IESCO has given a facility to get duplicate bills online.

To get the bill and to download duplicate bills is easy, as we will give you that service here as well.

For this, we have also made checking the duplicate bill even more comfortable than the official site of IESCO. You have to enter the reference number, and you can avail of this facility in a few seconds without wastage of time.

Stay tuned with this page and also share with your loved ones to get their bills in one click.

So, this was the short and revealing introduction of today’s topic “IESCO.” Read till the end, as we will let people know about its detail that how you can get IESCO duplicate bill, and more in further headings.

IESCO duplicate bill; how to check IESCO DBILL?

There was a time when nothing was so advanced, and there was no facility if you lost your bill or if you didn’t submit the bill on time. 

But now the time has changed, and if in any case you will not get your bill or it is misprinted, then you must have your reference number, which is mentioned on your invoice. 

Now, you only need to get an old copy and note your reference number from that copy and follow the following guide to check the duplicate bill.

  1. Firstly, you have to open the browser and find the official website, which is also mentioned above or enters that address https;//
  2. Then you may be redirected to the page where an interface will appear where you need to enter that reference number from the bill and bill type.
  3. The reference number is in 14 digits and enter it without giving any space.
  4. Click on the “submit option.”
  5. The copy of the bill will appear in front of you in a few seconds.

What is the reference number? “Your guide.”

For your ease, we have also explained that what is the reference number? However, many people are unaware of the bill reference number, which is why people get confused, and they would not be able to download the duplicate bill of IESCO. 

The reference number of the IESCO bill is “Meter point reference number,” which is a 14 digit code, and it refers to your electricity connection and meter. For more queries, feel free to ask.

Iesco bill

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IESCO email facility:

IESCO has a facility for its customers as they respect and support customers. 

They have announced recently that now people can register them to receive bills through email service of IESCO by sending a request having electricity consumer numbers and email addresses.

You can send an email at [email protected]. They will respond in 24 hours.

You can also get your bill through the message option. As the charges for immediate billing information is Rs. 5+tax.

To send an SMS: type pitch (space) 14 digit And send it to 8334.

Soon you will receive a message of information regarding your bill. You can also subscribe for six months.

In any case of electrical supply failure complaint, contact on their numbers mentioned on your bill.

Areas working under IESCO:

IESCO is working for the Islamabad region; however, it is also covering all neighboring cities, such as from Attock to Jhelum. 

If you complain or the supply is not enough, you can contact the Islamabad supply company directly as they the only admins to fix such issues.

The head office and billing complaint desk are at St, 40 sectors G-7/4 Islamabad. Visit them if you are facing any problem. You can submit a complaint by emailing at [email protected]

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Working hours of IESCO:

IESCO always respect their consumers, and they believe in quick response for this, they are working hard from 9 am. To 5 pm and 2 hours break on Friday. 

However, Saturday is a working day. But on Sunday the office is not closed, but some of the workers celebrate the holiday.


IESCO, Islamabad Electric Supply Company, has offered this significant component to its customers who will make their lives considerably more agreeable. 

Because of the tremendous inclusion scope of IESCO here and their bills get lost, and the client receives all the difficulty for not taking care of the tab on time well how he could? If he didn’t get the IESCO bill in any case. 

Keeping this and a lot of different factors into account, The Islamabad Electric Supply Company has begun to give an online copy duplicate of the IESCO bill and is discussed in this article in detail. 

As per our study, the entirety of the IESCO purchasers are contented with this choice since it permits them to see, download, print the IESCO bill. 


The article is written only to provide information to make awareness in all ends of our country so that people can avail of such services easily. There is not any purpose of violating any policy of IESCO.

Thank you, keep browsing