How to Print PTCL Duplicate Bill 2021 | Download Now

Check your copy of your PTCL account online. Now that you can print, view the copy of the invoice. You can also print and download a copy of the invoice online. The company is always catering to its customers, better service, better support line, and online billing system. PTCL is a leading Broadband and Telemetry Operator in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunications is not only working on its broadband or telephone line services but is also working to simplify its customers by providing the best online services.

PTCL offers Dbill online verification and viewing service. The company is more loyal to its customers to enter the market. Sometimes the original PTCL phone bill is lost due to a reason or representative that cannot deliver to your doorstep, in which case you can view and print the bill online from your computer and then deposit the amount due for that bill. Now you don’t have to worry, PTCL has a solution to this problem and this service is very beneficial for the customer because you can download and print the duplicate check of the invoice online anytime and anywhere.

Do you want to download a duplicate account for PTCL 2020? PTCL is a telephone and internet or Wi-Fi network and is widely used today in offices, homes, shops, and even everywhere. We have to pay the bill every month because her subscription is monthly. If you accidentally lose your account or in the event of an account delay, you must pay additional costs. Here is a great tool for checking your PTCL account online and withdrawing your account.

Most users cannot decide what to do in the event of a loss or delay in their account. However, you don’t need to stress because we have a solution to this problem. So, whenever you lose your PTCL account, visit our website to view, download, and print your account. Obtaining a duplicate invoice by visiting PTCL service centers or merchants is a very time-consuming task. In addition, you must pay at least 100 to 200 rupees to print the invoice. Payment of the invoice can also be postponed in this way. If you want to save money and time, then this is the best site. Duplicate invoices can be easily checked, downloaded, and printed in seconds. We have a system in place on our website to verify your most recent accounts for fixed broadband services, Evo, and PTCL.

ptcl duplicate bill

How to Download / Print PTCL Duplicate Bill?

If you want to download the PTCL bill for January 2021 that has been lost or delayed, then you should click the below button. All the steps are easy and simple to understand. You will get PTCL Duplicate Bill in PDF, so you have to install the PDF software for downloading it. Let’s start!

First of all, click on the links for which you like to download the duplicate bill here:  Landline Bill, Broadband Bill, and Evo PTCL Duplicate Bill.

You need to enter your phone number for landline bill and broadband bill; and MDN number for EVO duplicate bill.

How to Pay your Bill?

PTCL users pay their bills differently. If you visit banks, stores, or PTCL customer service centers to pay PTCL bills, then you may be wasting more time. Which banks can you pay your bills with? UBL Omni and MCB are often used for this purpose. In addition, PTCL also allows online bill payment. For example, users can use simple cash with paisa and jazz to pay the bill. Many websites offer the option to pay bills. If you want to pay the easiest to pay PTCL bills for landline, Wi-Fi or Evo, then install the app on your device. If you are looking for the easiest way to pay your PTCL bill, install the PTCLTouch app. It has many gadgets for users such as live chat, PTCL contact, package and tariff, contact dictionary, compliance status, video tutorials, complaint registers, smart TV, online store, and a bundle of services.

How to Make a Complaint?

The helpline numbers are available and you can use them to complain about the PTCL bill. It doesn’t matter which time you can complain. For 24 hours, the users of the PTCL can use the helpline numbers. When you complain, they will listen to your problems carefully. Plus, they try to solve the issues as soon as possible.

PTCL Current Services

DSL internet, telephone, EVO 4G wireless internet, fiber GPON internet, and IPTV are the current services of the PTCL. Want the best speed of the internet? The latest fiber GPON internet brought up the speed up to 100mbps.

As you know, many improvements have occurred in broadband wireless devices. Now, the users can subscribe to the package of the PTCL internet with a speed of 6mbps.

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