HESCO Bill | Check Your Duplicate Bill Online

HESCO Duplicate bill today, in this article, we will introduce you to the other type of duplicate bill, which is the HESCO duplicate bill.

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company, as shown by its name that this company is serving the regions of Hyderabad.

This is working to provide 12 districts of Sindh. It is working for its end users day and night to make things easy and straightforward. It is also running its company effectively because they value their customer and strive to satisfy them.

The users are more than 1,008,713, and it is facilitating 77,134 KM area of Sindh. It is the leading supply company in Pakistan because it is the one who introduced the duplicate billing system of the consumer bill from its website. 

Here, the question may arise that the bill is duplicate, so would it be considered as accepted or not? 

HESCO generated the bill from its official website, and by all means, it is considered as original to submit month bills. The customers can easily view it and can download the same for paying.

Nowadays, we are confronted with pandemic issues (COVID-19), this facility marked as high to solve billing matters, and people can also maintain social distance by printing duplicate bills and can submit with their ease.


HESCO online bill:

If you are in a quest for HESCO bill services, then you are welcome here on this site because here, you will find all answers to your queries about the HESCO duplicate bill.

HESCO’s online system for bills has made people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. On this site, you not only can check invoices, and you can also print them out your latest as well as old bills.

Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company serves electricity to all the regions under Sindh province. 

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It is also striving hard to improve its facilities for its customers. Customer value and support are its core factors to focus on, which is why HESCO is trying to facilitate online so that people do not have to move outside and face delays.

People always complain that they have to wait long hours for paying the bill now it has become comfortable in summer or cold weather also, you do not need to stand for hours in rows to pay a bill. 

The HESCO Duplicate bill:

To get the duplicate bill of HESCO, the procedure is easy and straightforward. You can check both the industrial and general electricity bills of the following month from the official website of the HESCO. 

As per the notification of the HESCO, all of the commercial banks are authorized to collect electricity bills in the jurisdiction of the HESCO.

Here, in this document, you are guided through the steps of printing the HESCO for your ease.

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Printing Guide:

Sometimes, we are out of the door and need to have a copy of the latest bill, or often we lost our bill history or an invoice itself. Then what will you do?

To solve this issue, you must have internet access, and your mobile phone with you and you can get all your bill history from here.

Now, follow these easy steps to get your duplicate HESCO bill copy online.

  • Get on to the reference field.
  • Now, tap on the customer services and choose duplicate copy from the list.
  • Now, there comes a bar for reference number. Enter your 14 digit reference number from your previous bill without using space in the reference bar.
  • Now, press the submit button
  • Finally, an electronic copy of your invoice generated
  • Get consumer bill printed and then download it.

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Here, you must consider one thing that not everyone has a facility of the printer, but you need to keep records of the bill. For this, what you will do in this situation?

This customer-friendly site has guided you on how to download your bill in one click. 

To save the bill records, enter Ctrl+P. The page will open with saving and download options. Press the button and download it or keep it in any folder.

Online Payment:

You can also pay bills through JazzCash and Easypaisa facility in just a few minutes. To make a transaction online, you must have the amount in your account for making transactions.

Here, you will find a guide to paying bills through JazzCash.

  • Firstly, to make a transaction, you must have an activated account of JazzCash.
  • Choose pay bills option
  • Select your bill type
  • Then select the company “HESCO.”
  • Enter reference number of your HESCO bill
  • Enter your pin code of JazzCash account for a smooth and successful transaction
  • Finally, you successfully paid your bill

How to contact HESCO?

If you face any problem related to electricity supply or any issue, feel free to contact the team of the HESCO in their working hours. 

The working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Phone number: 022-9260161, email address: [email protected]

They believe in developing Pakistan, that is why they are reaching to the higher ends of Sindh by providing their facilities to bring lights to every purpose. 


The HESCO online billing facility is easy and fast. The payment method is secured, and there are no time-consuming issues because you have not to write any report or application to the office, and you are also not required to visit their offices daily. Here, you will find all information regarding the duplicate bill of HESCO.


The article is written only on to give awareness to the people, and there is not any purpose of violating any policy of HESCO. If you find something irrelevant, then don’t forget to give your feedback. 

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