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GEPCO duplicate bill- today in this article, we will come to know about the GEPCO duplicate bill. As we all know that paying bills is an obligation, and if you are late for paying or submit that particular bill, you will be penalized for such delay.

Gujranwala electric power company (GEPCO) is an electricity provider company in Pakistan which provides the services to the people of Gujranwala city. The company is doing its great by providing huge electricity supply, and millions of people from Gujranwala city are getting services from this electricity provider.

However, GEPCO is a division of WAPDA (water and power development authority), and their many divisions working under this company because WAPDA cannot manage it all by locating in one particular area. Hence, WAPDA decided to disseminate its branches to make the supply of electricity quick and easy.



So, GEPCO is also a subdivision, and if you are living in an area where GEPCO services are available, then you don’t need to travel anywhere. You can also get information about billing on this site without paying any penny.

You can download and print the GEPCO duplicate bill from your mobile and can submit a statement. Many people are benefiting from this service in Gujranwala and you can also if you are living in the city.

If you have lost your bill or you are late in submitting the bill, then you can avail of this service by downloading the bill. You can also register a complaint, and you will find a complete guide to download and print this bill.

In this article, I will direct you to get your duplicate bill free online. Earlier, it was challenging to get the duplicate bill, but the time has transformed now. Many expertise allows people to download and print a duplicate invoice without paying any penny.

Gujranwala Electric Power Supply Company: 

GEPCO has also started an online system for the ease of its customers so that they can download the bill and print it out to submit the bill. However, through this online system GEPCO electricity company, anyone can check the bill online. 

In their online system, they have given email addresses of their officials who can be contacted in the time of need and to contact such officials; you have to log-in to the website by entering your user name and password—now moving on to know how to get a duplicate bill.

How to print the GEPCO Duplicate bill?

Most people want to get their duplicate bills when they face any delays and have missed their bills, but they cannot get it quickly, and they have to go through lengthy procedures. 

In this situation, GEPCO has made it convenient for the people, and they can get their duplicate bills from the service provider.

There are several ways to get the bill from the service provider. For instance, you can visit the office, but it is a time-consuming and lengthy procedure.

The other option is that you can print the bill, which is very easy and useful. You can do it in just 2 minutes and from your home.

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Let’s consider the steps:

  1. For the first, click on the link where the download option is given.
  2. After clicking on the link, the new tab with download option will appear, which is free of cost.
  3. You have to open the official website of Gujranwala Electricity Power Supply Company from where you can download the duplicate bill.
  4. To get a printed form of the bill, you have to enter the reference number in the box.
  5. After entering the number, click on the submit the details.
  6. Then you can see a duplicate bill after you to download and print
  7. I hope you have followed the procedure accurately.

These are the steps for printing the Duplicate bill. The GEPCO also advances its sections as it has introduced the complaint process as well.

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GEPCO complaint service:

GEPCO has introduced a complaint procedure for its customers so that they can complain and make the services better through customer support.

If you are living in Gujranwala, you can register a complaint on the official website about any issue linked to electricity. However, in the past, it was quite difficult to register a complaint, and usually, the officials do not respond quickly.

Nowadays, it has become quite easy because of the advanced technological era. You can now easily register a complaint, and the staff is also supportive.

You can follow the mentioned procedure to register a complaint:

  1. To register a complaint, click on the complaint button.
  2. You have to open the official website of Faisalabad electricity supply company.
  3. On the homepage of the Gujranwala GEPCO site, you can write a complaint.
  4. Add your reference number
  5. The response will be received soon
  6. You have done

If you face any issue, you can leave a comment. We will guide you through the whole procedure.


In the end, I would like to tell you that GEPCO has advanced its services to meet the requirements of customers, and the bill produced from the official site of GEPCO will be treated as an original one to pay off the monthly dues.

Both general and mechanical power bills of the ongoing month can be looked at from the official charging site of the GEPCO. According to the notice of the GEPCO, all of the commercial banks in the division of the GEPCO have been approved to gather power bills from GEPCO.

On the off chance that you have confronted with different organizations of WAPDA, at that point, you should visit different pages of this site.

Since I have referenced the guide for each division of WAPDA, also, you can likewise get the data from our site rapidly.


The article is written only to give information about duplicate bills. There is not any purpose of violating any policy in this act. Stay tuned for more details. Thank You